HSE and Quality Policy

AMG Mineracao from AMG Group provides products and solutions with quality for industries in the segments we operate with and it has as commitment:

  • Manage risks associated with Business, Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Comply with health, safety and environmental legislation and other applicable requirements in order to prevent accidents and environmental pollution;
  • Establish and monitor quality, environmental, health and safety objectives and targets;
  • Build business relationships mutually with customers and suppliers;
  • Ensure that customer requirements and demands are identified, met, and if possible overcome;
  • Invest in the development and recognition of the talent of our employees;
  • Maintain open channels of communication with stakeholders;
  • Continuously improve the Integrated Management System.

Fabiano José Oliveira Costa – CEO AMG Mineracao / AMG Brasil

SGI – Política Integrada – Revisão 05 – 20/10/2017